Entrepreneur Summit 2019 in Las Vegas was a Hit

by | October 18, 2019

We spent the weekend at the Entrepreneur Summit in Las Vegas to help the students of the program better understand how to build a great website and scale their internet marketing efforts. This year was amazing!

Every year we attend the entrepreneur summit in Las Vegas as authorized vendors for the Daymond John Next Level Success, Robert Herjavec Will To Win Method and the ever so exciting Grant Cardone 10x Success System  We spent a few hours on stage helping students understand how to scale and build their website to help increase their online business. The energy felt at this event was off the charts.

Things really took off after we got some inspiring words from Daymond John. His passion for helping people succeed is un-matched. We also got to hear from Robert Herjavec on the same day. His stories of how he got started really inspired everyone in the audience including myself. I’ve personally never really understood Grant Cardone but after he spent time on the stage sharing his wealth of knowledge and more importantly his passion and energy for success I finally get why he’s a really big deal. His energy alone is enough to motivate anyone to take action and start building your business and generating wealth.

We’re always grateful to work with such amazing students and partners like Daymond, Robert and Grant.  Spending time on the expert panel at the end is always my favorite of the summit. All the great questions from the students really help build a better service for our company and the feedback we get is pretty awesome.

If you attended this with us, please leave a comment below and say hi. It’s really an honor for us to be involved in such a great summit!



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